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Ionut Voicu

I was born on May 11, 1983, in a modest family in the commune of Păcureţi, Prahova County (near the town of Vălenii de Munte), the son of Constantin and Aurelia, blessed by God with six children (five girls and finally a boy). 
My steps towards this holy ministry were guided to me from childhood by my beloved parents and by Father Vasile Micu, who was my clergyman, my guide to theological studies and later my godfather.

I graduated from the Theological Seminary in Bucharest in 2003 and later from the Faculty of Pastoral Theology at the University of Piteşti, where my soul parents (professors) “with time and without time” planted in my soul the holy theological teachings and skills to offer them in your service, dear believers.

I received the Sacrament of Marriage on July 29, 2006, when the High Priestess, Elena Cristina, and I swore before the Holy Altar and with our hands the Holy Gospel and the Holy Cross, faith, understanding, love and eternal fidelity to each other and to him. God. My ordination as a priest took place on April 2, 2011 at the Strunga Monastery in Constanţa County, where I confessed that I will strive to fulfill in my life and activity the exhortation of the Holy Apostle Paul (I Timothy, 3, 2-5) and that I will be in all things submissive and faithful to my Diocese, His Eminence Theodosius, Archbishop of Thomis.

I consider it appropriate that at this beginning of the journey I say with you the prayer:
“Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son of the Father of the beginning, You and the One who through the mouth of Your prophet David said: Man shall go forth to his work and to his work until the evening. You also said through the mouth of the blessed Paul the Apostle: He who does not want to work or eat. And again, Thou hast said with thine own mouth: Without Me, thou canst do nothing. Lord, Lord, I hear with all my soul and with all my heart your divine words and humbly run to Your goodness, help me, the sinner, with Your gift, to do the work I am beginning now. Amen."

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