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President:  Gheorghina Comsulea

Vice President: Roxana Zaharia


The Romanian Orthodox Auxiliary Association of Ladies (AROLA) is an auxiliary organization of the ladies of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Americas (ROMARCH).

The general mission of AROLA is:

  • To promote the acts of charity, philanthropy and the purposes of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of the two Americas, through various instructional and educational programs, presentations, seminars and lectures;

  • To preserve and perpetuate the Orthodox Christian concepts and of the Christian family, and thereby perpetuate the Orthodox faith and traditions of the Romanian people, according to its doctrines, canons, discipline, practice of divine worship, customs and traditions;

  • To promote the participation in activities of the Romanian Orthodox community, in cooperation with the parish priest and the Parish Council;


List of AROLA members

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